Mapping Community Assets with Google Maps

A community asset (or community resource) is anything that can be used to improve the quality of community life. Community assets include individuals, physical structures or places, programs and businesses.  

Identifying community assets and displaying their location on maps provides an excellent visual aid for decision makers.When data is spatially displayed, understanding and insight often increases.Asset maps help decision makers to identify gaps in distribution ("Are there neighbourhoods without a community garden?"), see proximity between different assets ("Are secondary schools in close proximity to fast food restaurants”?), and inform individuals("Where can I buy eggs directly from a farmer?")

Below are links to three examples of "mashups" developed under Dave Whiting's direction.  "Mashups" can be a very effective tool to display a community's assets as a window within a web page.  They can be developed and maintained by community partnerships with a little training and with easily available resources.