Agriculture & Food Planning

Strengthening local agriculture and community food systems is of increasing importance to local governments, community organizations and government agencies.  As both a planner and agrologist, Dave Whiting is well equipped to undertake projects that foster sustainable local food systems and strengthen agriculture.

A food system is the cycle of farming, processing, transporting, distributing, eating/celebrating, and recovering food waste in the context of larger natural, social, political, and economic driving forces. A sustainable food system is energy efficient, protects ecosystems, enhances the local economy, builds community and is resilient to pressures.   

Local, regional and national policies (governance) shape the food system of a community.  Government regulations and programs strongly influence where and how food is grown, how and where it is processed, how it is shipped and stored, where it is sold and distributed, where it can be eaten, and how food waste is managed.  Thoughtful reform of agriculture and food policy at all levels of government, as well as creative development strategies at the local level, can integrate sustainable food systems into our lives.